Positive & Passionate Leader with Relentless Enthusiasm to Help Executives Grow & Succeed

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I am committed to enhancing people’s lives because I love to see people succeed and accomplish something they never thought possible.

The words that best describe me are positive, passionate, dynamic and dedicated. I’m committed to enhancing people’s lives because I love to see people succeed and accomplish something they never thought possible. As Don Ward says, “If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits.” I am a true believer that one must constantly be exiting their comfort zone in order to grow and become the best version of themself. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” as Neale Donald Walsch reminds us.

“The steel industry is a force of nature in the most rapidly changing landscape in history”

As CEO of Pacesetter, my unique focus on technology, developing talent, and strong family culture made me a pioneer in the steel industry. I challenged preconceptions of the industry, benefiting not only Pacesetter but also the entire market.

My culture-based people-focused approach drove results. I invested in my team through coaching and professional development, providing the tools to generate ideas, drive strategy and execute. I have relentless enthusiasm for continued learning and self-development, bringing new ideas to drive innovation and growth in a positive and engaging culture that encourages giving to one another and the community.

When I became CEO, I immediately joined a Vistage group to get the support and guidance of people in similar positions. For 6 years, I relied on the wisdom of the group to help me process complex issues and make tough decisions.


“I am honored to be a part of The Vistage Community and to be in a position to follow my passion of enhancing others lives.“

Now as a Vistage Chair, I facilitate group meetings of high-caliber CEOs, senior executives and business owners who help each other grow their companies. Members are fully present, engaged and ready to become better leaders. I challenge each one to continuously exit their comfort zone and strive to improve.

There are openings in my group. I’m searching for leaders with a growth mindset who are open to new ideas and are seeking feedback and peer input. If that describes you and you’re in Atlanta, let’s have a conversation. Connect with me at aviva.wolmer@vistagechair.com.

“I am beyond thankful for all I have, and I only wish that I could do even more for the community”

To Aviva, making a difference in the community is just as important as making a profit. Aviva has had a longstanding commitment to giving back, including her participation with the Pacesetter Team in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for 5 years, getting involved with children, and generally stepping into any activity where she can be of service. She has served on the Rabbi Search Committee for her Synagogue and now co-chairs the Rabbi Transition Committee focused on a smooth transition of leadership during a time of transformation.

Aviva continues to cement her status as an innovative, inspirational force in the industry. When not in the office, Aviva can be found with her husband Michael, son Ari, and dog Violet, spending time with friends and family, or on adventures such as zip lining, hiking, hang gliding and skydiving.

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