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Pacesetter World Headquarters

In 1977, former CEO Steve Leebow founded Pacesetter Steel Service, Inc.

In September of 2014, Aviva Leebow Wolmer was named Pacesetter’s new CEO as Steve Leebow transitioned to COO. With Leebow Wolmer, Pacesetter has expanded its focus on excellence in quality, creating the Ultimate Experience and a commitment to a culture of innovation and technological advancement.

In the Silicon Valley spirit of growth through innovation, Pacesetter has, under Leebow Wolmer’s guidance, launched a formal Innovation Implementation Team, a larger than life team-wide vision board called the “Can you Imagine Wall,” and a team of associates specifically tasked with driving a cultural atmosphere and daily application of the principles set forth publicly in Leebow Wolmer’s Vivid Vision.

The Vivid Vision serves as the roadmap for the future of the organization, and the central rallying cry that Pacesetter will innovate. We will be the very best. We will empower one another at every level of our organization.

The-Pacesetter-Way-Culture_introWe invest in world-class technology to drive continuous improvement across production, quality, supply chain and value to customers. At Pacesetter, we empower vision at every level of our company. The culture we’ve built serves a single purpose: to deliver world-class results for every customer, and put together in a new way manufacturing, delivery, service and insight-driving digital technologies.

When our team comes to work each morning, they do so with the understanding that Pacesetter is changing the way industries perform. They are impacting People. Families. Communities.

We don’t believe in innovation as an act; we believe in it as a world view.

And we don’t ask anyone to buy into our visions or plans alone; Pacesetter invests in our teammates in the ways they seek.

All of our dreams, hung on the wall for the world to see; it’s a promise everyone at Pacesetter has made – a promise we keep together – to broker into the world our collective dreams. Not for profit, not for our partners alone, but for everyone who shares in our world. Because all of us, and you – we are our purpose.

“Our advantage is the power of people with a relentless pursuit of new ideas. Truly remarkable people who deliver exceptional solutions to help each and every Pacesetter customer” – Aviva Leebow Wolmer, Pacesetter CEO

Pacesetter is Certified as a

The WBENC certified Pacesetter as a “Women’s Business Enterprise” in 2015